A joyful Bill and Harriett

Joyfully serving Jesus Christ for over 60 years!

Hello – and welcome to our blog site! To see our latest family and ministry news, simply click on “bill’s blog” at the top and you’ll be taken to our weekly updates. To read Bill’s latest writings on current topics of interest from a Christian perspective, click on “pennireef papers”.


  1. Oh, such a delight to open your blog, and there the two of you are smiling back at me. Jeff did a beautiful job putting the site together for you. I am anxious to read your monthly letters. Right now I’m heading for the kitchen to rustle up some vegetable soup for us. Just wanted you to know that you are now in my ‘favorites’ so I can pull up “pennireef” in a key stroke.

    Blessings to you and your beautiful family,

  2. Hallo Uncle Bill and Aunt Harriett
    Just to say that we think of you, miss you and pray for you. We have been very busy with the rebuilding of MCH, but we think of you a lot. Meridith was also a big blessing to us and we were all sad to see her go. Thank you also for everything that you meant for her.
    God’s richest blessings
    Gerhard & Elmane

  3. We love you and are praying for you concerning the various surgeries in your family! God is busy.
    (But He’s good at that.)
    Hugs, Judy and Jack

  4. Hep yo self, yo self good buddy!! What a joy it was to be able to establsh contact once again after FIFTY YEARS! Is that Possible? Anyway we love you both dearly and are keeping you before the Throne. At a later date I’ll sit down and fill you in on our family but it is enough to say that Paul needs your prayer. His job, hopefully starts on the 28th, he is less than adequate quarters with less that adequate food, etc. etc.

  5. So nice visiting with you both…..thanks for the updates, the hugs, and the prayers. Praying that you are feeling better Bill……….talk to you soon, Susan

  6. Hi Bill and Harriett,
    Whilst we still receive monthly news from the office we hadn’t received any recent updates on you guys and your health issues. Would be glad to know how you are so that we can pray intelligently for you. We are well at the end of the dryest and hottest summer ever recorded here in Western Australia. Some snow would be nice.
    Wasn’t in SA this last year but still have many contacts across Southern Africa with plenty of pastoral care and mentoring to do as well as continuing to raise support for various guys.
    Michael and Noel Lush

  7. Bill or Harriett
    You will be our Missionaries of the Week at Grace Community Chapel in mid-July. I don’t think I have a good email address from you. Could one of you drop a line (short paragraph or as long as you wish. They’re always interesting) so that I could scrounge your address off it and mostly so I can give the congregation a fresh update on your activities. Our new sanctuary is coming along and we hope to be in it by the end of the year. Until then – three services. Our short term teams are fanning out to France, Memphis (TN), Budapest , Tokyo and Appalachia. Looking forward to hearing from you. Ken C

  8. Dear Bill Bathman, I gave my heart to God, after hearing your ministry at Margate. Kent UK, in 1957. Praise the Lord, I thank God for all he has done, and thank him for your continuing health and ministry,God bless you, Tom Webzell.

  9. THANKYOU Bill Bathman,for your coffee bar crusades in the UK —i guess
    about 50 years ago now and for the one you did in Carlisle in the English Lake District.

    Thankyou to the– WWW— that i have been able to make contact with you after all those years

    Thankyou for your help and support

  10. Praise God for over 60 years of His grace,provision, protection & guidence in Missions ! You are a great encouragement and example …

  11. Love seeing your smiling faces here & hearing about what’s up with you. I will always consider you two as mentors to me! May God continue to bless you and yours!

    Cindy Gooch

  12. I’m considering you a new friend, Brother Bill. I think you and your wife must have been born serving the Lord, as you both look only 60 years young, if that. Any family and friend of Peter is now a friend of mine. Jerry Nordskog

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