Happy 236th Birthday America

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Happy 236th Birthday America


I believe wholeheartedly in American exceptionalism! In the course of 60+ years of missionary work I have traveled to over 110 countries. Harriett and I served extensively in 30 or more. Travel is a broadening experience. You can learn a new language and understand some aspects of their culture, but the only way to really know a country is to purchase private property and actually live there. During those overseas years the Lord enabled us to purchased a home to live in while serving over five successive decades in four specific locations on three different continents, in two hemispheres, all with one objective – to proclaim the Gospel and win souls to Christ in restricted-access countries.

Having seen many other lands and cultures we know that America is unique among the nations. In his seminal historic record The Light and the Glory, Peter Marshal asked the question, “Did God Have a Plan for America?” His answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Yet, in our lifetime, America has lost more of its freedoms than most of the nations we worked in ever had to begin with! And the tragedy is, most of our fellow-Americans haven’t even noticed the loss. Folks, it’s high time to wake up!

Since the 1950s, Americans have been increasingly tied down by bureaucratic rules and regulations, that have the ‘effect’ of laws, thus gradually binding us with a multitude of Lilliputian cords, many in the form of environmental prohibitions. We cannot move freely. In the Garden, God put man in control of all animals, fish and birds. (Genesis 1:26-28) The humanists have turned things upside down with the Spotted Owl and Snail Darter taking precedent over human beings. It’s utter madness!

Our Founding Father’s knew that BIG government was the problem. So they severely limited the size and power of government, by giving control to “We the People.”

Without question, Barack Hussein Obama is woefully unqualified to be President. It is highly likely that he is ineligible as well, but that is another matter. I have the highest respect for the office of Presidency, but perhaps I may be forgiven for not addressing him as “Mr. President,” but rather as “Mr. Present Resident.”

Governor Mike Huckabee has dubbed the Attorney General, “Eric with-Holder” for failing to provide the documents Congress has requested on the ATF gun-smuggling scandal “Fast and Furious.” This botched bureaucratic overreach was a thinly disguised attempt to scuttle our 2nd Amendment. “Gun control” isn’t about guns, it’s about ‘control.’

In recent weeks there have been repeated leaks to the press of highly sensitive classified information that has seriously compromised our nation’s military strategy and decimated our intelligence sources. “Watergate” pales by comparison. The very nature of these detailed leaks, each of which made the President look strong and competent, suggests they came from very near the top in his administration. When asked about this at a press conference, the Present Resident responded: “The notion that someone in ‘my White House’ has leaked secret classified information is offensive!”

Mr. Present Resident – it is not your White House. Your arrogance is both offensive and unbecoming – and your lease is up in November!

Bill Bathman – Mesa, Arizona 7/04/12

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