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Glenn’s chalkboard

Imagine being awakened out of a deep sleep by the persistent barking of your neighbor’s dog. You’re annoyed. You never really liked that hound anyway. He’s different from your favorite breed. Although you regard yourself as an animal lover, this canine – in your opinion – is just plain ugly. Now he has interrupted your nocturnal peace. You’re about to pick up the phone and call your neighbor to complain about the noise, when… you smell smoke. Your house is on fire!
In a nanosecond your opinion of the pooch is transformed from growling to gratitude. You determine to hug that puppy the next time you see him, but right now something needs to be done about the fire that threatens your life and property. Call 911 and get your family out of the house. NOW !
Of course it’s not that straightforward when the danger threatens your country and your culture. You can’t just pack up and move abroad, but even if you could, which country on earth would you chose?
Perhaps you’ve been asleep and haven’t even notice the gradual changes taking place in America over the past years. The current cauldron of calamities includes (but is not limited to) the smoldering dissatisfaction with perceived economic inequities and the subtle, naivé solution to redistribute wealth. The buildup of class resentment, the evolution of entitlements, the tolerance of terrorists and the prohibition of profiling all play an important part in the avowed intention to “fundamentally change” America.
In public schools, our children are deprived of courses in Constitutional civics and basic geography. History has fallen victim to the revisionists. Our high school graduates are relatively ignorant of what’s happening in the world around them. In science and math, we wind up at the bottom of the list of developed nations. Sadly, many students cannot even read their diplomas! We’re confused. Even the definition of marriage is distorted to appease the perverts.
The bomb-throwing progressive liberal socialists of the 1960s are now in charge of our Government. We slept in false security while they took over by stealth. Now, Glenn Beck comes on the tube and sounds the alarm. With chalk and chalkboards he has joined the dots – we’re under attack from all sides. Love him or hate him, he has awakened the nation and deserves our gratitude.
“O but he’s a Mormon!” Yes, it’s no secret – he told us that. He’s also a recovering alcoholic and he’s been divorced. In short, he’s a fallen, sinful man – much like all the rest of us. The difference is, he has told us publicly on nationwide TV, so he’s not a hypocrite. He’s a Mormon, ex-drunk who’s practiced serial polygamy via the route of divorce. OK, the barking dog has fleas. What a shock! But he woke us up to discover the danger we’re in. Lamentably it will make a few people feel superior if they dust off their theological correctness and put him in his place. Wake up folks! Smell the smoke! Pass the word. Don’t kill the messenger and please, remember to vote on November 2.

Bill Bathman – Mesa, Arizona September 24, 2010

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