No Mosque at Ground Zero!

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No Mosque at Ground Zero!

Symbolism is extremely important to Muslims. They traditionally build mosques as a memorial to their victories. Dates, events and places are com–memorated to spin history to their own advantage. The propaganda value of an ecclesiastical edifice, at the very site of the most devastating terrorist attack America has ever endured, is inestimable. Why?
Visuals are vital. The Ground Zero mosque in New York City is part of a proposed 13-story Muslim community center, which will include a swimming pool, gym, theater and sports facilities. It will be two blocks from where the World Trade Center twin–towers once stood.
Would we have allowed the Japanese to build a Shinto shrine along the shores of Pearl Harbor in the 1940s? Unthinkable. Would the Polish people appreciate a German cultural center across the train tracks from Auschwitz? Not likely.
They say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Flashback to February 1945. What does the picture of US Marines planting Old Glory on the summit of Mt. Suribachi at the southern tip of Iwo Jima bring to your mind? It says, “We’re here, dedicated to freedom and determined to defend liberty – and we won!” It is a statement of Victory.
The picture of a mosque at Ground Zero would have the same effect on a billion Muslims world–wide. It would be confirmation in their minds of the “Death to America” hate–speech they hear every Friday in mosques across the Muslim world.
The suggestion of a mosque at Ground Zero is intolerable. “O, but we must demonstrate to the world that we are tolerant!” No. That is misdirected, ill–conceived political correctness gone mad. In Muslim minds it would be seen as proof of our defeat. “The Great Satan has been struck a mortal blow at the very heart of its financial empire.”

We are at war with fanatics who use their religion (Islam) to justify murdering innocents and establishing Sharia law by stealth. Anyone who questions Muslim motives is labeled a bigot and intolerant. They demand tolerance from us, but would laugh at the suggestion that it should be reciprocal.
Andrew Mellon sums it thus: “Islam is a theopolitical ideology – a legal system wrapped in a religion. The imposition of Sharia law as the supreme law of all lands and all peoples is required by the Koran.”
The idea of a mosque at Ground Zero is obscene. This is the very spot where on 9/11/2001 Muslim terrorists callously killed 3,000 innocent, unsuspect-ing, hard-working people from dozens of countries peacefully going about their daily lives. It was a deliberate, carefully coordinated sneak-attack that had been prepared over several years, organized by al Qaeda and financed by Saudi Arabia.
This was not a declaration of war. That was done by the Ayatollah and his mullahs in Iran when they invaded the U.S. Embassy in Tehran in 1979 – on Jimmy Carter’s watch. The Lebanese piled on in 1983 by killing 240 US service men in their Beirut barracks. The Yeminis did their part in attacking the USS Cole when she stopped for a drink in Aden.
9/11 was the Saudis’ contribution to the war effort; their opportunity to thumb their nose at the Great Satan. Now, on Barrack Hussein Obama’s watch, they want to build a mosque at Ground Zero.
Imagine the Evening News in Muslim capitols on the day this monstrosity is dedicated. Listen to their claims of “victory” complete with video re–runs of Barrack Hussein Obama bowing to the Saudi Prince. Obscene is too nice a word.

Bill Bathman – Mesa, Arizona – June 2010

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