Techniques Of Tyranny

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Techniques Of Tyranny

Every dictator and every tyrant needs an organization of ‘thugs’ to fulfill one major function: to make it easier for him to control the general populous. For Hitler it was the Geheime Staatspolizei, or “Gestapo.” For Stalin it was the KGB; for Romania’s Ceausescu it was the Securitate. For Saddam it was his Baath Party bullies. The script is simple: (1) confiscate all private guns; (2) create fear among the people with a few brutal atrocities against selected individuals or small groups by quasi government agencies. Word quickly spreads. How many Americans today fear the BATF, IRS, EPA, DOJ etc.?

Next he needs a propaganda machine to brainwash the sheep. They must be convinced that government is ‘good’ and is looking after the general welfare. On the other hand Christians, armed with the truth of God’s Word, recognize the lie. The falsehood is exposed. To protect his scheme the tyrant lashes out at ‘religion.’ Persecution soon follows. Through fear and intimidation the people are brought in line.

Dieter, a Bulgarian Christian told me many years ago, “They don’t want everyone to be a communist. The Communist Party is an elite organization. Under their system you are hungry and scared and then you will be quiet. You become just another body to say ‘Yes sir,’ or ‘No sir’ or ‘Very good sir’ and mind your own business. That’s all they want.”

Remember the OK City bombing? It is interesting to follow the chronology of events. McVeigh was arrested, then his links to citizen’s militia were “uncovered.” The media zoomed-in for individual interviews and discovered (according to TIME) that these militia-types are made up primarily of “homeschoolers, Christian fundamentalists and well-versed Constitutionalists.” (Presumably it’s a virtue not to know much about the Constitution.) The circle expanded almost daily to include “pro-lifers and tax-protesters,” justifying further clampdowns.

Hitler fanned the flames of hatred for the Jews 75 years ago. The Clintonista media attacked evangelical Christians. Christophobia became the only respectable form of bigotry in America. True, we may have had it coming. Much of what passes off as Christianity in America today has lost its “salt,” so we need not be surprised if we are trodden under secular humanistic, Christ-rejecting, God-hating feet.

Many sincere Christians believe that a theonomy is the ideal state and the only solution to man’s problems. Perhaps. But the rude reality is that we do not have a theonomy just now. We’re supposed to have a republic. But our “republic” has been downgraded to a “democracy.” If we don’t pay attention we may find ourselves on the fast track to a dictatorship. If the present trend continues and our out-of-control government gets further away from the Christian roots put down by our Founding Fathers there could be troubled waters ahead.

Bill Bathman – Mesa, Arizona 5/30/12

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