Who Took A Bite Out of the Big Apple?

Pennireef Papers

Who Took A Bite Out of the Big Apple?


The nation watched in horror as the World Trade Center, twin-tower symbol of America’s wealth and prosperity, crumbled and collapsed in lower Manhattan. Over and over and from various angles we saw the big plane deliberately smashing into the seemingly indestructible. We saw the smoke and fire and finally the vaporized remains cascading down as the structures imploded. Who could do such an unimaginable thing?
Stop and think. These were men who had trained for years and were prepared to die in order to make a statement about what they believed. To people of lesser dedication that is a frightening prospect.
There are suggestions that we give up some of our freedoms in order to have an increased measure of security. That’s a dangerous path for a free people to start down and precisely what the terrorists would like for us to do. Nothing could better demonstrate their victory.
On 9/11/01 President George W. Bush was confronted with the most formidable and frustrating enemy ever to challenge America. This faceless foe is a coward who strikes from the shadows against the innocent. During the Gulf War his father built a strong coalition against Saddam Hussein. A significant part of that coalition were Muslim nations who resented Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, and wanted him removed, but were unwilling to support his capture or removal from office. The coalition that George “W” had to build was among our traditional allies in Europe and any others who might be potential targets of terror. It took time to do the job properly. To rush would sacrifice the permanent on the altar of the immediate. We were patient, but to do nothing would encourage even greater atrocities in the future. We must be resolute.
This tragedy has frequently been referred to as a “wake-up call” for America. Certainly we need to ask the Lord to forgive us for wanting to be like the rest of the world…and therefore tolerate in our hearts and homes influences that God calls evil. We know that adultery, murder and violence are sins, but we accept the portrayal of these things on TV as part of our entertainment. Our children are confused because yesterday’s sins are today’s lifestyle.
But we’ve been attacked and we must respond.
The greater “wake-up call” must be to recognize the urgent need to evangelize the Muslim nations. It’s no longer an option. It’s a matter of life or death – our life or death! The best way to destroy your enemy is to lead him to Jesus. Then he is our brother.
Our national sins have eaten away at the foundation of our Christian heritage and culture. Let’s pray that this “wake-up call” will result in national repentance and a resolve to spread the Gospel in Muslim lands, winning them to Christ our God in whom we have only pretended to trust – for only He can save us from such a determined foe.

Bill Bathman – Mesa, Arizona September, 2011

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