ON BEING HUMAN: the ultimate endangered species

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Perhaps the final word on whether or not ‘abortion is murder’ has been logically articulated by a group of ethicists called the Ramsey Colloquium.

The gathering is made up of Christian and Jewish philosophers, scholars and theologians who argue it this way: “The embryo is a being; that is to say, it is an integral whole with actual existence. The being is human; it will not articulate itself into some other kind of animal. Any being that is human is a human being. If it is objected that, at five or fifteen days, the embryo does not look like a human being, it must be pointed out that this is precisely what a human being looks like — and what each of us looked like — at five or fifteen days of development. Clarity of language is essential to clarity of thought.”

There are political voices today that seek compromise language that would get rid of a human life amendment in their political platform and replace it with a pledge to “reduce the number of abortions.”

Why decrease them if what is being destroyed is not a human life? No one is calling for fewer appendectomies. And why compromise a principle (which can never be regained) if the embryo is a human being?

Politicians today are more concerned with polls than with principles and are going in circles because they are following the followers. Jesus would call them, “blind leaders of the blind.” America needs leadership that will not compromise.

Abortion, along with drugs and crime, reflect the decadence of our nation. Columnist Cal Thomas asked, “Why not a campaign to tell the truth about what happens during an abortion and about the loving and free alternatives to the financially and emotionally expensive procedure?”

It’s a jungle out there. Less than 72 hours after taking office, President Bill Clinton repealed the Reagan/Bush ban on federal funding of research on aborted fetuses. Since then it has become a growth industry with over 295 research projects involving human fetal tissue. There is a Chinese connection between Loma Linda University Medical Center and Hua Shan Hospital, where fetal brain tissue is preserved for research into Parkinson’s. What’s next? The way is being prepared “for full blown research on living, fertilized embryos, including those artificially inseminated in the laboratory.

“If embryos, why not grow fetuses in the lab as well? Scientists could then replace laboratory rats with a superior ‘product’ more closely related to the human species.”

Once the ghoulish procedure is accepted, demand will quickly outstrip supply. “One way to obtain more organs is to redefine death, or at least to become comfortable with removing organs from people who do not meet current legal and medical definitions of death and yet have no chance at a meaningful life.” The unborn baby’s only ally is the mother’s conscience, now dulled by the dangerous argument — the end justifies the means. “Your baby’s gift will help another person to live” soothes the abortionist with scalpel in hand. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry complete with congressional lobbyists.

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