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Forward! (?)   I’ve heard this before while working in the Socialist countries of Eastern Europe during the Cold War. It’s a Communist buzz-word going all the way back to Karl Marx.
Bill Bathman – Mesa, AZ Sept. 11, 2012

Dr. Peter Hammond points out – A lesson in irony.

The Food Stamp Program, administered by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever, to 46 million people.

Meanwhile, the National Park Service, administered by the U.S. Department of the Interior, asks us “Please Do Not Feed the Animals.”

Their stated reason for the policy is because the animals will grow dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselves.

This ends today’s lesson.

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One boy’s adventure – and to God be the glory!

Christopher Hammond was born in 1995 with major renal complications, necessitating immediate surgery. His diagnosis was ‘posterior urethral valves’ – which meant that his kidneys had been severely compromised in utero. Initially, his doctors didn’t think he would live beyond the first week, but a series of operations extended that estimate. At 18 months old, one of his kidneys was removed. His remaining kidney kept him going at an acceptable ‘maintenance’ pace until his teenage years.

By the time he was 14 years old, it was apparent that a kidney transplant was necessary, and this was done in December of 2009 at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town. Lenora, his mother, was the kidney donor. Unfortunately he experienced many complications and multiple surgeries followed the transplant. This had a serious effect on his overall health and resulted in the loss of an entire year of school.

Since he was 8 years old, Christopher had been involved in Karate. He took to this sport immediately and cruised through the various belts at quite a rate. Just before the transplant he was on his last brown belt. One year following the transplant he was ready to “grade” for black belt – and won it! This was a mammoth achievement, considering the physical odds stacked against him.

What I appreciate most about Karate,” Christopher says, “is that it has taught me discipline. It has really changed my life in that I have so   much more self-assurance now.”

In the 2+ years following the transplant, he’s won 30 medals in various competitions including 12 Gold medals in both provincial and national competitions. In Johannesburg his team took an additional two Golds and won Colours for International. Thus his team was chosen to represent South Africa at the World Championships in the USA, July 10-13, 2012. Truly, “with God, all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26

Christopher’s story bears witness to the fact that with faith in God’s plan for your life, hard work and dedicated parents willing to make personal sacrifices, plus a generous dose of perseverance, even seemingly impossible odds can be beaten. As his father, Dr. Peter Hammond says, “With perseverance, even the snail got on the Ark.”

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Slave of the modern State

Slave of the modern State

The erosion of personal responsibility in America has finally overtaken us. The twin towers of integrity and individual responsibility – the Hallmark that distinguished this nation from lesser ones – have crumbled in a cloud of licentiousness and litigation. The Welfare State has relieved us of the burdens we traditionally labored under.

Basic sustenance has been supplemented by food stamps, rent subsidies, unemployment insurance, education of our children, medical care, retirement and even personal safety. In some areas citizens are prohibited from carrying arms, expecting the police to protect them, but would the robber (or murderer) patiently wait while you dial 911?

Over the last three decades we have succumbed to the siren song of tolerance. We have tolerated things that God plainly tells us are an abomination to Him, such as the willful slaughter of our unborn children – children are an inheritance from God.

It’s not just suicidal terrorists that have convoluted thinking. Those who believe in a ‘right’ of abortion must believe that a person has a right to reject complete responsibility for his or her own acts even when that choice necessitates the killing of one’s own flesh and blood.

This leads inevitably to the acceptance of any offer by the state to relieve them of other less significant responsibilities and to permit the state to take whatever steps are necessary to do so, despite the consequences for others. This chain of events makes one vulnerable to be a subject [slave] of the modern state.

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Reformation or desecration?

                                           October 20, 2011

Dear Team,

My phlebotomists was scheduling an appointment for my next pro-time; she asked: “Is Halloween OK?” I responded, “No, but I can come on October 31st – Reformation Day.” She looked puzzled.

I went on to explain that, “As far as Church history is concerned, the Protestant Reformation ranks in the top five most import events after our Lord’s virgin birth, His substitutionary death on the Cross for our sins, His resurrection from the dead, and His bodily ascension into Heaven.”

Now that I was on a roll, I pointed out that, “Without the Reformation in Northern Europe there would never have been a United States of America – and if there had been any country here at all, you’d be wearing a burka and veil and a man would have driven you to work this morning.”

That got her attention – and I hope it will get yours! It also prompted me to write the article I’ve posted on “Pennireef Papers” – Reformation or desecration? I hope you’ll click here to read it and want to pass it on to others.

Thank you so much for your prayers and practical support. The Frontline team made it to South Sudan. They’ll be there for six weeks. Full report later. Keep praying.

Yours in His grip,

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Celebrating 60 / 60

Deborah Pelzmann

                                              September 2, 2011

Dear Team,

This week we observe 60 / 60. Sixty years since my first overseas missionary journey to Europe, and today Harriett and I celebrate our sixtieth Wedding Anniversary. Deborah, our first–born daughter, has taken a break from her duties as Director of the Department of Pedagogy at the University of Salzburg, and is here from Austria to mark the occasion with us. We’ve been enjoying 4-hour breakfasts and 3-hour suppers for the past fortnight just getting caught up! 🙂

You can accumulate a lot of memories along a path like that. We lived in England for 11 years and the Lord added two more beautiful daughters – Linda Joy and Lenora to our family. Gradually our ministry expanded into restricted-access countries, behind the Iron Curtain during the Cold War, so we moved from the UK and spent the next 11 years working in over a dozen countries of Eastern Europe from our base in Austria.

In 1976 the Lord showed us that “as the communist world expands, so does your mission field.” We transferred our base of operations from Austria to Arizona, founded ITMI, and began working in Latin America and Africa, with several preaching journeys to India and China. Our primary concentration was South Africa, the most strategic country on the African continent. For the next 24 years we averaged from one to three months each year in that vital sphere and in 2001 moved to Cape Town, to work with our son–in–law, Dr. Peter Hammond and Frontline Fellowship in 15+ countries of southern and East Africa, all the way up to Sudan.

In September 2008 we moved our base of operations back to Arizona for health reasons. We have not retired. That ‘word’ is not in our vocabulary. I am still Chairman of the Board of Frontline Fellowship, in weekly (sometimes daily) contact with our Cape Town office – counseling, mentoring, writing, etc. – having far too much fun to retire. Yes, OK, we’re in our 80s now – that makes us octogeraniums. But we ain’t done yet!  🙂

Thanks for standing with us across the years as we continue to preach the Gospel and “make Christ known.”

Yours in His grip,

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Perilous Times

America has emerged from one of the harshest winters in many years. Springtime has brought devastating tornadoes, forest fires and raging floods. Politically our nation is moving rapidly toward Socialism which is a prelude to Communism. Is God trying to get our attention? Is He calling us back to Himself? We’ve removed the Bible, His Word, from our schools and His Ten Commandments from our courts, we’re murdering over 1.5 million of our unborn children each year through abortion and there is even disagreement over what constitutes marriage! We’re in trouble as a Nation, because … We’ve left God out. I’ve written a poem We’ve Left God Out about this on “Pennireef Papers.”

Perilous Times

 Habakkuk dialed 911 but apparently got no answer. “How long, O LORD, must I call for help, but you do not listen?” Habakkuk 1:2  Ever feel like that?

     The prophet lived in the midst of an ongoing emergency. There was violence, injustice, strife and conflict. The law seemed paralyzed and justice was perverted. We can all relate to Habakkuk today.

      The Lord’s answer was for him to write the vision: “The just shall live by faith.” In this materialistic age that is a little harder to identify with.

      Lawlessness and perilous times described the situation we encountered in Eastern Europe immediately following the revolutions of 1989 that brought down the Berlin Wall and deposed communist dictatorships.

      Driving a western car in Eastern Europe could be dangerous to your health. Robbers would use any force necessary to capture such a valuable item with the keys. Crime hit an all time high in the winter with bandits blocking the road, using an iron bar on a window (and the driver’s head) then vanishing with the coveted valuables. Serbian snipers (in Yugoslavia) fired on German-made cars because of Germany’s support of Croatia.

      Dr. Paul Negrut, one of Romania’s Christian leaders told me, “The road from tyranny to democracy must go through anarchy.” Habakkuk would understand.

      In the midst of some really bad times Habakkuk remained faithful, even if his heart pounded and his lips quivered. When crops failed and livestock perished he resolved, “I will rejoice in the LORD, I will be joyful in God my Savior.” His joy was in the God of salvation. His joy was not the result of circumstances, but of triumph over them. He was certain that eventually, “the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.” Habakkuk 2:14

     He determined to “wait patiently” and “rejoice.” Good idea!

 Bill Bathman – Mesa, Arizona

May 20, 2011

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Lessons from the Left

The recent firing of Juan Williams by the far–left NPR is instructive. He merely confessed to FOX’s Bill O’Reilly that he was uncomfortable riding on the same airplane with passengers dressed in “Muslim garb.” Many of us have felt exactly the same. This was not a political statement, or even Juan’s opinion. It was an honest statement about how he felt.

We learned while living in South Africa that the Muslim “garb” was intended to intimidate – “We’re here, among you, watch out.” In the shops they were rude and obnoxious, bumping into you, pushing and shoving. We’ve seen it in US airports with the Mullahs in Muslim “garb” blocking passageways to ‘pray’ before getting on a flight. That’s enough to make most frequent flyers pop a xanax before boarding.

Juan had worked at NPR for 10 years. He is left-of-center politically, but was always welcomed at FOX in keeping with their policy of being “fair and balanced.”

This was followed by Whoopi Goldberg and the foul–mouth Joy Behar storming off the set of “The View” when Barbara’s guest, Bill O’Reilly asserted (correctly) that “Muslims destroyed the World Trade Buildings on 9/11/01.” And these leftist, liberal progressives are the people who lecture us about “tolerance!” Go figure.

What’s the lesson here? Don’t be a politically–correct ostrich and bury your head, or walk away Goldberg–Behar style from the truth that an overwhelming percentage of the world’s terrorists are Muslims, and are therefore dangerous to your health. Their Koran tells them to “kill the infidel.” That’s us folks!

“But what about the moderate Muslims?” you ask. What about them? Where are they? Where are those invisible “moderates” who should be marching in the streets condemning the wanton slaughter by their co–religionist that are giving their so–called “peaceful” religion a bad name?

If they are the majority then they should stand up and say, “Enough!” Until they do, and without any evidence to the contrary, we will continue to doubt the claim that they even exist.

My latest article, “Living in a world turned upside down,” is posted under Pennireef Papers.

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Glenn’s chalkboard

Imagine being awakened out of a deep sleep by the persistent barking of your neighbor’s dog. You’re annoyed. You never really liked that hound anyway. He’s different from your favorite breed. Although you regard yourself as an animal lover, this canine – in your opinion – is just plain ugly. Now he has interrupted your nocturnal peace. You’re about to pick up the phone and call your neighbor to complain about the noise, when… you smell smoke. Your house is on fire! Read more…

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Read the Koran: Don’t burn it!

Apparently Rev. Terry Jones is bent on burning books this Saturday, 9/11, while his little Florida flock looks on. This is not a good idea, nor is it even common sense. In areas where there is inflammable or explosive material we see “No Smoking” signs. That warning is common sense. There is perhaps no area on earth today more inflammable or potentially explosive than the Muslim world. Why strike a match in a highly combustible environment? Everyone, from General Petraeus to the Pope, has registered a reasonable objection to this pyrotechnic nonsense. Read more…

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Home from the hospital!

There is much joy in the Hammond house as Lenora is now home from the hospital. We spoke by phone; her cheerful, positive and grateful attitude was an encouragement and blessing to us all. Her pain-level is minimal now and decreasing daily.

Thank you for your continued prayers for a steady recovery, plus discernment as pathology findings are communicated and consultations held with the oncologist. Thank you for sharing our concern for Lenora. She is grateful for the many emails, cards and letters received, expressing love and assurance of prayer.

Today (Monday) was “National Women’s Day,” a public holiday in South Africa. Annually, for the past 15 years, Frontline Fellowship and Africa Christian Action have joined with other Christian groups in open-air preaching, distributing Christian literature, personal evangelism and pro-life counseling on NWD. They set up literature tables and booths in shopping malls and transportation centers in Cape Town. Peter and all the Hammond children have been part of the teams as they spread out across the city.

Grateful always for your fellowship in prayer.

Yours in His grip,
Bill & Harriett

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