Straighten up and fly right!

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Straighten up and fly right!

It was my first lesson at flight school. We were 3,500 feet over Greenville. The view from that height was fabulous. I was enthralled: there was my house, over there was the grocery store and beyond that was the university. We were high enough to see for miles, but low enough to require constant attention to local air traffic. Suddenly I heard the voice of my instructor, Curt Wetzel, shouting over the noise of our 65 h.p. Lycoming engine, “Bathman, straighten up and fly right!” I snapped back to the task at hand: the nose of our J–3 was high, the right wing was low, we were seconds away from a “stall” and the inevitable tail–spin.

Today our economy has stalled and leadership is in a spin. Fiscal irresponsibility is accompanied by political indifference to what people really want – jobs. The focus on Obamacare is to major on the minor. People want jobs. “Can you hear us Washington? We’re shouting loud and clear: Straighten up and fly right – not Left!”

We’re flying upside down when the Administration gives credibility to the “Saudi Arabian Human Rights Commission.” Now there’s an oxymoron to boggle the mind. “Saudi Arabia” in the same sentence with “human rights” is ludicrous, yet they want to lecture us – U.S. What’s next? “Sound Economics” by Robert Mugabe and the Zimbabwe Financial Ministers? Does it get any more surreal? Well, yes. We’re in a presidential nose–dive with Barack Hussein Obama bowing to the Saudi king, and the Emperor of Japan.

If we “just want to get along,” any concession made will be seen as weakness to be further exploited, because there is no dialogue with Muslims. Islam doesn’t want to be agreed with – it wants to be obeyed. The Mullahs think they have a god–given right to make the rules, not just for Muslims, but for everyone. Their mantra: “Comply or die.” I don’t know about you, but I just have a natural aversion to being bullied and pushed around by people who want to change everything about this country and make us fit into their Procrustean bed.

“Change” is not always for the better. “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

We live in a topsy–turvy world where conventional (and dare I say Biblical) values have been replaced by humanistic ideals. Political Correctness has frozen us into a silent immobility. The “salt” has lost its savor. We need not be surprised therefore when we’re cast out and trodden under godless, Christ–rejecting humanistic feet. Whew…that stinks!

Before long we’ll become a nation of wimps, afraid to say or do anything for fear of offending someone. The curious thing is that those who are “offended” don’t seem worried at all about offending us. They left their country and came here on their own uninvited terms. Now they want to transform us to be like them. If anyone points out the unreasonable, illogical aspect of this nonsense he is dubbed a bigot and regarded as an Islamaphobe. And, Heaven forbid that we should suggest, “if they can’t assimilate then they should simply evacuate and go back home!”

In the name of PC we’re losing our “Freedom of Speech.” This is moving us in the direction of civil war. This time it will be over ideology – liberal (progressive) versus conservative; “entitlement” versus “personal initiative.” The flash–point for this war will be Islam versus Christianity – the fuse is lit.

My first flight lesson was 61 years ago this month. Times and technology have changed, but Curt’s advice is still timely for anyone with any measure of responsibility. Capitol Hill needs to hear our shout, loud and clear, “Straighten up and fly right!”

Bill Bathman, 10 March 2010 – Mesa, Arizona

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