On Taxing Olympians

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On Taxing Olympians

Faces of all color have represented the United States in the current Olympic Games in London. Some have overcome serious injuries and bounced back from previous defeats. We have seen the tension on their faces, the tears of joy and of sorrow, because each one has put their heart and soul into long, hard hours of disciplined training.

They have brought back glory and honor to our Country and renewed respect for America among the nations. We have rejoiced with them as they stood, justifiably proud, front and center on the podium, with their hands over their heart while a billion people world-wide heard our National Anthem played again and again.

And now, this pathetic Government administration, whose Secretary of the Treasury is himself a “tax cheat,” wants to punish the achievements of these returning heroes with a tax on the medals they’ve won. Medals painfully earned by years of strict discipline and sacrificial hours of determined dedication to deliver, or face the disappointment of defeat. Meanwhile, lesser breeds of their fellow citizens sit in occupation of other people’s private property, smoking pot and fornicating while at the same time criticizing the very hand that feeds them. O God, help us!

Somehow we’ve lost our sense of true values. We can’t even agree on what constitutes a “Marriage” these days. The Nanny State micro-managing Mayors of our largest cities confidently tell us what our ‘values’ should be; how much soda we should drink, how much salt to use and what food is good for us and how mothers ought to feed their babies. Where does the meddling control of big government end? In slavery – that’s where!

You say, “Wait Bill, that’s too strong.” Listen, my dear friend, I have traveled around the world multiple times and visited more than 100 countries, my conclusion: America has lost more freedoms in the past fifty years than most other nations ever had to begin with! Most of our youth today have very little concept of the extent of that loss, or the consequences it will have on their future. America needs to awake – before the quake.

Maybe this is what happens to a country that expels God from the classrooms of its schools, that banishes the Bible, our moral roadmap, from academic curricular; that deliberately discards the moral Foundations so carefully laid by our Founding Fathers; a Nation that callously murders its innocent, unborn children – and that by “choice”… thus depriving them of LIFE, liberty or the pursuit of anything.

Our goal is not merely Olympian Gold, that will one day perish, but rather to be champions for Jesus Christ in a world that ignores Him. To run the race, to face the odds, to overcome the obstacles in order than one day we may humbly bow in His divine presence, and hear His words of positive encouragement: “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” That is the ultimate prize of the high calling of God.

And while we’re at it, it will help to lay up treasures in Heaven, where moth and rust cannot destroy, thieves are unable to steal and the tax man has no authority to misappropriate. The benefits of such investment are out of this world.

Bill Bathman – Mesa, Arizona

August 7, 2012

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  1. Hello Brother Bill! I like reading your updates and it is always good to hear from you.

    My opinion about the taxes on medals is this, I would have to see the amount of income they earn for winning each medal. If the income is substantial, then I would say that paying some taxes would be fair. I am a self employed business owner who works just as hard as an athlete and I pay taxes on all of my income-including bonuses. Being a long term Olympic athlete is a profession and as such if the athlete is making a good living, why should he not pay taxes?

    I agree that the tax code is punitive in that the more you make the more the government takes. I don’t think it is fair to classify a certain group (except I would do it for the military) of Americans as a special status and that because of this group’s status they get a pass on paying taxes. Just a thought and it’s not necessarily conclusive.

    God Bless,


  2. hanks Bill. well said – hot and strong. Would be great if this ended up in the Oval office —– well, God may have a way! oR at Number 10 Downing Street….we need this too. We are also proud of our British athletes who have won many medals – through discipline, pain and sheer hard work and sacrifice. You should hear the ROAR in the Velodrome or Stadium when a Brit suceeds! Thanks Bill.

  3. Amen! Bill Bathman…Amen!!!!!
    Carol Chestek

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more. So well said. It does behoove us to pray.

  5. Bill,
    You understand tyranny better than most, with your experience in communist countries. I agree with you. Our government seems to reward laziness with handouts in an entitled society, but punishes the hard work of our youth. A patriot blogger reminded me this week of an old saying. “Put an frog in hot water and he will jump out every time. Put him into cold water and turn up the heat, and he will stay there till he is boiled to death”. That is how our beloved American people have lost so many rights. One degree at a time! We are moving rapidly toward a socialist country right before our eyes! My hope is that if one frog jumps, the others will wake up!

    I do thank God for his comfort in these times and for his people that are willing to stand up for his word. I also believe that there are more good people in America than the biased media think. They poll liberal states and liberal colleges, but really do not want to know what the real people of America think. I pray that they have a surprise in November!

    Thank you dear brother in Christ for your continued faith and guidance.

  6. Dear Bill,Thank you so much for your words of guidance yet again and also for your mention of those of us here in UK who realy do “stand shoulder to shoulder” with our American friends and brothers,as i read your post an old story came to mind that was told by an old Vicar of our church here in Carlisle The Rev HW Cragg–he tells of a very young boy in hospital who gave his heart to our lord in sunday school when he heard the sobs of a much older man in the next bed to him started to sing softly “ask the saviour to help you he will comfort and keep you ask the saviour to help you HE will carry you through” that older man got better and left hospital but the little boy was some days later laid to rest in Mose Gate cemetery in Bolton BUT he new where he was going———–WE need to pray so much for our world and we all no Prayer changes things

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