Veteran missionary Bill Bathman, along with his wife Harriett, have ministered to persecuted Christians in restricted-access countries for more than 50 years. Bill and Harriett lived in Europe before the Berlin Wall was constructed and developed key contacts with persecuted Christian believers in communist countries. For 22 years from a mission base in Austria, the Bathman-led mission teams brought aid, supplies, and biblical instruction to those suffering under communist oppression.

In the early years, Bill gained experience with such well-known Christian leaders in Europe as Eric Hutchings, George Hart, Francis Schaeffer, Richard Wurmbrand, Josif Tson, and George Verwer to name a few. But it was through the constant contact of lesser-known brethren – fighting daily against injustice and oppression  – that helped shaped Bill’s ministry for years to come. For instance, how many men would take their team members to the border to distribute bibles to Soviet soldiers during their invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968? How many would stay in country to preach the Gospel when the Romanian Revolution got underway in 1989? It is experiences such as these that makes Bill a much sought-after speaker in Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Africa, and throughout the USA.

Bill founded 3 successful missions organizations: NETwork, The Pioneers, and In Touch Mission International while heavily involved in missionary activity behind the Iron Curtain and many restricted-access countries. He produced and hosted several hundred radio programs in his daily IN TOUCH series and was interviewed on Trans World Radio, HCJB, Radio Free Europe, BBC, SABC, ZNBC and many other broadcast and TV stations. He has also authored 3 books (Going Through, Angola By the Back Door, and How’d You Hurt Your Hand?) and is currently writing a sequel to Going Through.

As an evangelist, Bill has ministered in over 110 countries. His extensive personal experience of evangelism in communist and other restricted-access countries have earned him a reputation as a missionary-statesman. He has written and edited countless articles on geo-strategic issues and his broad field experience provides incisive insight into the issues of today.

To contact Bill, please write to:

Rev Bill Bathman
PO Box 7555
Mesa, AZ 85216-7555


  1. I just consider it a privilege to know and listen to
    you Bill & Harriett. What wisdom from His Word
    and your personal experiences you expound upon!
    I hope you are able to just rest in His great love
    and care for you during this “interruption” in your
    “active” service for Him. Rest, you deserve, my friends.

    We are “toughing” it out in San Diego (since 7/12)
    and will return for a few days on 9/4 only to head
    to Maui with our son and his family on 9/10 for a
    week. Care to join us; a wonderful place to recuperate!

    Love the picture of your family. Would that be
    Lenora, Linda Joy and Deborah from L to R as
    viewing the photo?

    Love to you both,

  2. Greetings Mr. Bathman,

    Unfortunately I was just introduced to you about a year ago. I want to thank you again for your many years of dedicated and loyal service to our God. What a blessing you and your family are. Thank you, Thank you for all you do.

    Parson Rayphe

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