For many years I have been intimately involved with Frontline Fellowship as Chairman of the Board. Now that will be my primary focus. Dr. Hammond has asked me to finish writing the sequel to Going Through, which I’m working on now. Certainly there are other books in the ‘making’ and I’m looking forward to writing articles from a Christian perspective on topics of current interest, much as I did for the ITM newsletter in times past. So let’s keep in touch.

Meantime, because you have been prayerfully and financially involved in our ministry – some for over 50 years! – I am letting you know of their website address which is:

In that way, you will have a full picture of what we are involved in. If you haven’t already, please change the address for sending gifts to support our ministry, from ITMI, Tempe, Arizona, to Frontline Fellowship USA in Colorado:
Frontline Fellowship USA,
P.O. Box 728,
Manitou Springs, CO 80829

(Please designate your gift to “the Bathmans”).

For those who would like to support our ministry with a credit card by phone or online, our California office has that capability. If making an online donation, once on the FF-USA support page you’ll see information exactly as in the box pictured below. You can then click on the yellow “Donate” button on their website to make a secure transaction. See how easy it is for yourself – click on the box below left to go to the FF-USA support page.

Click to go to the FF=USA support page

Click to go to the FF-USA support page

The ministry of Frontline Fellowship is virtually a mirror image of our original vision for ITMI. Plus, it is a tremendous joy for us to work alongside our children in God’s vineyard during our senior years. By your continuing our support now through Frontline Fellowship USA, you can be assured that the benefit will continue into the next generation with the exact same goals we have pursued across the past 28 years – and bearing fruit that will abound to your account. Philippians 4:17


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