Honor Killings: saving face vs. Saving Grace

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Honor Killings: saving face vs. Saving Grace

Caution: the following contains graphic detail that may cause discomfort to sensitive readers.

To put it simply: Islam is a religion of hate and death based upon lies, while Christianity is a personal relationship of love and life based upon the Truth. The two are incompatible.

Islam teaches, supports and condones the practice of so-called “honor killing.” This barbaric throwback to 6th Century Arab culture has its roots in the traditional Muslim belief that women are inferior to men. They are considered half-human. In the Qur’an women have half the rights of men, sisters have half the rights of brothers and women are considered deficient in intelligence.

In Islamic tradition a woman is an object, owned by the man who assumes responsibility for her behavior and her life. The social and religious traditions lead to the isolation of the woman in her home. She is required to cover her entire body in order to maintain the honor of the man. In the Qur’an, prophetic traditions and Sharia law there is a strong presumption of woman’s chastity along with many safeguards to prevent any suggestion of un-chastity.

A woman who is raped becomes a source of shame to her family. No man will marry her because she has been spoiled and her family becomes the object of gossip in the local community. Hence the family can lose prestige. No one would give a daughter in marriage to the brothers of that girl and no one would marry one of her sisters. This vicious cycle can only stop if the family cleanses that stain with blood. The woman thus defiled must be killed even if she is the victim of rape.

They are called “honor killings” but in reality it is pre-meditated, cold-blooded murder. What on earth is honorable about killing a family member because their sense of values in a religious belief happens to differ from yours?

The practice is common throughout the Muslim world. In Jordan, three penal-code articles offer leniency to the killers. Such murders are considered misdemeanors and the average sentence for them is only six months. Many get off scot-free.

Honor killings occur regularly in the Middle East and South Asia. While a few of the victims are men the vast majority are women whose actions – whether actual or suspected – violate the honor of their family, an honor thought to depend entirely on the sexual purity of its female members. In Islam, men are not held to the same moral standard.

Islam’s mythical male-oriented Paradise consists of sheer lechery with promised ‘virgins’ and the false hope for future “pleasures” they were forbidden in this life. What kind of religion would promise such nonsense much less promote it?

In some circumstances mutilation is sufficient to satisfy the blood-lust of Allah’s followers. Ayesha Baloch, 18-year old wife of Eisa Khan Khosa, went to visit her family. Eisa accused her [unjustly] of adultery and took his brother Akbar to fetch her. On the way home they cut off her nose and lips and left her bleeding in a field.

Such mutilations are connected with Muslim honor killings. Consider the case of Shamin Mai who committed the “crime” of marrying a man of her own choosing instead of allowing her family to choose her husband. For this “crime,” her brother Bashir and her uncle Bilal, along with four other men, chopped off her legs.

Islam’s double standard does not apply to the men. Some of the problems are “all in the family.” Take Rofayda Qaoud, a teenage Pakistani girl. Her “crime” was that she had been raped by her two elder brothers and had become pregnant. The child of the rape had been born and given up for adoption. Though it is regarded as a sin to commit suicide, Rofayda’s mother, Amira, gave her daughter a razor blade and ordered her to kill herself by slashing her wrists. When she did not obey, “her mother put a plastic bag over her head, sliced her wrists with the razor blade and when her daughter went limp she finished her off with a blow on her head with a stick.”

Honor killing is not limited to Muslim-majority countries. Mohammed Riaz lived in Lancashire, England with his wife Caneze and four daughters, Sayrah (16), Sophia (15), Alicia (10) and Hannah (3). Riaz did not like the westernized clothes and life-style his wife and children appreciated, so he set fire to their beds at night and all perished in the flames.

In Denmark 19-year old Ghazala Abbas was gunned down on the streets by her brother in an ambush arranged by her parents and siblings, because she had married a man from Afghanistan, against her parents’ wishes.

Nor will we forget last year’s tragedy in Dallas, Texas when Islam Said, an Egyptian taxi driver, shot his two daughters, Amina (18) and Sarah (17) in cold blood because he didn’t approve of their western clothes and friendship with American boys.

We care for the souls of Muslims. They need to hear the Good News of God’s saving Grace through our Lord Jesus Christ. He has revealed the Truth of God and His wonderful plan of salvation and has truly liberated both men and women. John 8:32

Bill Bathman, Feb 2009 — Tempe Arizona

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