We’ve left God out!

Pennireef Papers

While watching TV news coverage of deadly and devastating spring floods, fires, tornadoes, teens shooting teens on school premises and the never ending scandals in government, I couldn’t help but wonder if the Lord is calling us to repentance, because – as a nation…

We’ve Left God Out

How fragile is our life – and all the possessions we admire;
A flood at any moment could sweep them all away,
or a raging fire devour.
The wind could blow or the earth could quake,
The market crash and stocks forsake,
And all the trust we put in man,
Ever since the world began
Could not save us in that hour.
We’ve Left God Out.

We’ve Left God Out.
Expelled Him from our classroom,
expunged His creation from the womb.
We’ve tolerated, embraced and endorsed
that which He calls detestable.
We’ve lost our aversion to perversion.
Things that once shocked now sell.
But God is not mocked,
nor shall we avoid the eternal void –
That “outer darkness” place, called “hell.”

We thought we were smart
when from the start, we Left God Out.
“There is no God,” the fool hath said,
while rank upon rank with steady cadence,
march on to join the dead.
We rejected our Friend,
Chose the “wages of sin,”
When we Left God Out.

                                                                                                by Bill Bathman, 20 May, 2011 – Mesa, Arizona

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