Stealth Jihad: The Attack On America’s Economy

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Stealth Jihad: The Attack On America’s Economy

Have you noticed the confusion of traditionally respected financial leaders in America today? No one seems to have satisfactorily  pin-pointed the reason behind the wild pendulum swings in the stock market. It is frustrating to those of us who know next to zero about international finance.

Household names such as Steve Forbes, Alan Greenspan, Neil Cavuto, Stuart Varney etc., all seem equally perplexed as to how the U.S. economy (and the world economy for that matter) is suddenly in such a state of turmoil. It is disconcerting to witness such professional uncertainty.

Perhaps the fact that this financial quandary is present in every capitalist country worldwide might give us a clue.
First-World markets are nervous considering the deadly virus of Shariah banking which is surreptitiously being
introduced into our financial system.

A year ago we warned in this column: “To further complicate financial matters we’re seeing an insidious
penetration into American capital markets of something called ‘Shariah finance.’ Usury has long been forbidden to faithful Muslims over the years, but now the creative mullahs have found a way to bypass the Prophet for a tidy profit on the side. But ‘interest’ by any other name still smells as sweet to the hypocritical Shariahites.”

Islam is not simply a “religion,” it is a “total way of life;” a seditious religio-political-legal and financial code of power which authoritative Islam seeks to impose worldwide under a global theocracy known as a Caliphate. It is in reality Islamofascism. Americans needs to understand this because we are headed down that road which leads to a Caliphatic cul-de-sac.

For several years in overseas capital markets, Shariah “advisors” have been hired to bless investment instruments as compliant with Shariah law. Britain’s Prime Minister Gordon Brown is busy making London the Islamic financial capital of the world, and issues its own sukuk (Shariah compliant bonds).

Wall Street was not far behind. Two months ago Deputy Secretary of the Treasury Robert Kimmitt visited Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich Persian Gulf States to promote the recycling of petrodollars in the form of investment here in the USA. His foreign hosts were receptive to the idea provided the U.S. government adopts the Islamic financial program, a euphemism for the practice of Shariah- Compliant Finance (SCF). In November 2008 the Treasury Department hosted a course, “Islamic Finance 101,” along with Harvard University Law School, the leading academic promoter of Shariah and SCF and beneficiary of immense amounts of Wahhabi money in exchange for conforming to the Islamic agenda.

The nationalization of Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, Treasury’s purchase of many domestic banks and the abilityto provide (or withhold) funds translates into unprecedented coercive power. Backed by the extraordinary $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), the Treasury Department is now in a position to impose its embrace of Shariah on the U.S. financial sector.

This could well be a cause of frantic uncertainty on Wall Street that has sent the market into a yo-yo holding pattern.

The goal of every secular humanist is to build a kingdom on earth that is good and just, but without God. Jehovah must be excluded altogether from the world He created. The new kingdom must be reasonable and tolerant of virtually all evil – where the only remaining sin of mankind is intolerance. The religion of humanism is self centered. There is no room for a God who asks for repentance or obedience. America is seen worldwide as apologetically backing away from its Christian roots. We’ve taken the Bible and prayer out of our public
schools; the Ten Commandments out of our Courts and revisionist history books have removed all evidence of Christian heritage and influence by our Founding Fathers. Our lawmakers are even confused over a simple definition of “marriage” and we saw again last month how un-PC it is to even say, “Merry Christmas.” The Islamic conclusion: now is the time to strike.

There are consequences to a nation’s moral decline that are usually felt initially in the economy. We often pay more attention when we’re hit in the purse or pocketbook. We need to reaffirm the truth that, “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD.” Psalm 33:12

There are those today who ridicule the idea of “collective national sin.” They forget the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah. They overlook the repeated cycles of Israel “doing evil in the sight of God,” and His judgments that followed. Visit those historic areas today and you’ll discover that the dust of centuries blows over the ruins of nations that forgot God. America will be no exception. We need repentance on a national scale for murdering over 50 million of our pre-born children in the 35 years since Roe v Wade. In the name of “tolerance”
we have excused sins that God calls “an abomination.”

Have we been set up for a Manchurian Candidate with questionable credentials to emerge from some unsuspected quarter and lead us down the Shariah path of no return? All we need to be seduced is for some popular, charismatic figure to come out of the shadows of a corrupt political cesspool and offer us an economic solution – via Shariah. We must return to the God of the Bible and reject every false god – including those of Secular Humanism and Islamic Shariah.

                                                                                                                                                                                Bill Bathman, Jan. 2009 – Mesa, Arizona

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